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Have questions about your fitness or mindset? I’d love to hear from you!

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I understand the challenges of maintaining a sustainable work-life balance, improving overall well-being, and excelling amidst the pressures faced by high-achieving women. 

I'm here to be that trusted ally you've been searching for, someone who will truly listen and help you find clarity amidst the chaos. If you're feeling overwhelmed and burnout, I'm here to help.

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Thanks for reaching out! I will be in touch within the next 48 hours!

Let's connect!  


Book a Complimentary Fit Call with me and let's explore how I can help you and determine if we’re a good fit. Booking is easy and takes less than 60 seconds!

The MindFit Coach - Fitness + mindset concierge coaching for high-achieving, working women.

Exclusive health coaching for driven career women who have their careers and relationships on lock, but know they’ve been letting their health, fitness, and nutrition take a back seat. As your personal fitness concierge, I’ll help you reduce stress, optimize your body composition (lose fat, build lean muscle), and increase energy so you can keep crushing work and life.



Get expert advice, productivity tips, and motivational content tailored for high achievers pursuing success in all aspects of life!

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