Meet Susie

My passion for health and fitness runs deep. My father was an avid runner, and my mom was a nurse. My mother was my true inspiration for my initial interest in health.

She shared many stories of patients suffering from heart disease, cancers, COPD, and especially diabetes and the numerous medications used for treatment. More significant to me at the time was hearing about the severity of pain, depression, and sadness most patients endured while living with the disease. I was intrigued and determined to learn more.

I eventually established a career in health promotion where I thrived interacting with people and providing health education, guidance, and encouragement. It was then I began to understand and appreciate the incredible body, mind, and soul as God’s blessing.

God taught me physically and spiritually over the years to reach a healthy balance in life. Mindset, Nutrition & Fitness coaching is my opportunity to help you do the same.

I look forward to helping you fulfill the purpose God has planned for your life!

I help busy professionals & business owners get clear with their health & fitness goals by creating a custom program specific to their lifestyle for sustainability.