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Q Movements!

Throughout the years, I have had the pleasure of working with the best clients. I am proud to be their coach. 

MaryAnn C.

Susie is an amazing trainer. She helped me reach my goal of running my first half marathon for my 60th birthday. I went from not running at all to completing the half marathon. For me it was the accomplishment of a lifetime. Susie was patient and supportive. She listened to what I had to say and was able to adjust our session on the fly depending on how I was feeling on any given day. I have also taken part in her group sessions. She applies that same care and encouragement offering alternate ways to do a particular exercise to meet everyone's skill level. I am so glad I found Susie; she has helped me challenge myself in ways I never thought possible. She is, quite simply, the best.

Cindy J.

Susie Quintana is a fitness coach who was my personal trainer for several years. During that time, I achieved weight loss goals, greatly improved my strength, balance and endurance, and decided to improve my dietary choices. Susie quickly adapted her Q Movements business to the new COVID restrictions. I have benefited from Zoom classes in balance, cardio kickboxing, circuit training, strength and resistance, and high-intensity interval training. Susie exhibits concern for our health and safety. She provides patience, offering modifications to keep everyone interested and successful at achieving goals. Susie has a contagious enthusiasm and impeccable knowledge of fitness.

Pat E.

Q Movements is an excellent fitness program. The courses are varied and suited to different levels of client functionality. The instructor always offers options for accomplishing exercises so every client can benefit from the exercise. The instructor is a great communicator and is very in tune with each client's abilities so she can guide them properly to avoid injury. The availability of courses online has been invaluable over the course of the pandemic. In addition, the instructor has offered instructional training with feedback in many areas requested by her clients, such as nutrition, chronic health conditions, practicing self-care, rest and recovery practices, and suggestions to establish a positive mindset. I have been taking exercise classes with Susie for nearly 5 years.

Alisa J.

Susie was a Godsend! She worked with me and my crazy work and medical schedule. As a cancer survivor, my body wasn't able to move as much as I wanted or needed it to. Working with Susie helped my strength and overall flexibility. Because of my work schedule, I took a break after working with her for a few months. HOWEVER, I will return to Susie to start working on my strength and working out in general which says a lot. I can't thank Susie enough or recommend her enough for all that she has done to help me recover from the wreck of Cancer on my body.