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QM 5K Race bibs

Reflections from the Finish Line

The 5K Challenge is behind me now! It was all that and BIG bag of Baked chips ; ) In preparation for my blog this morning I took some time to reminded myself of my objective for setting this challenge up for myself in the first place.  Did I reach my goal? Did I learn anything from the experience? Would I do it again??

5K StartFirst things first – I initiated this 5K challenge to gain more knowledge and actual experience in motivating & training my clients for 5K, 10K, half marathons and marathons.  Running is an AMAZING sport/exercise.  It’s low cost, you don’t need special equipment or a gym to do it and you can do it alone anytime of the day.  Running is also great for boosting your immune system and one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining weight. It’s one of the leading ways to burn off extra calories.  It ‘s also  known to relieve stress and eliminate depression.

I also wanted to build up my cardio endurance and perhaps “learn” to appreciate and incorporate running in to my personal workouts.  I started the training for the 5K six weeks ago and religiously followed the training schedule.  I really never considered myself a runner simply because I didn’t ENJOY doing it as much as I did other forms of cardio activity.   It honestly took me a couple of weeks to get over the mental block of the whole “I’m not a runner” mentality.  Once I broke through the block, the remainder of the training was a much more enjoyable experience.  I started to look forward to my runs and challenge myself by increasing my speed or decreasing my times on training days.  NOTE – I didn’t say it was EASY! The training was still quite challenging at times however changing my mindset allowed me to gain more from the experience overall.

5K Pups


I did reach my goals! I gained additional knowledge and experience in nutrition, training regimens, proper running attire, stretching and the importance of mental strength necessary for runners.  My cardio endurance did increase.  Well I had nowhere else to go but UP! LOL I finished the race 17th out of 135 in my age/gender group!  I consider those stats as Mission Accomplished : ) Going forward I will continue to keep running in my workouts.  I don’t want to lose the momentum and need to start thinking about a 10K next?!?!



5K ThumbsUp Would I do it again??? YUP YUP! This 5K was EXTREMELY special for me.  I shared this journey with my BESTIE Robb.  Robb is a constant source of support and encouragement for me.  He is NOT A RUNNER! I repeat HE IS NOT A RUNNER! LOL He accepted the opportunity to share this experience with me and increase his cardio endurance in prep for springtime basketball.  Although we did most of our training separately due to busy schedules, we still talked daily about the ups/downs of  training.  In the end we crossed the finish line TOGETHER, ENTHUSIASTIC & SMILING just like we started!



QM Vision

Do you FEEL what you SEE?

Now that I’m 2 weeks into training for my FIRST 5K I wanted to give you’ll a quick update on the business! In a nutshell…things are going good! I’ve stuck to the training schedule and incorporated 2 REST days in between the runs and cross training days.  Like I shared previously, running is not my favorite form of physical activity.  I’m running the 5K not only for the “run” but more for the self challenge.  I’m not gonna lie but those Saturday runs are tough.  I find myself starting to feel worn down, gasping for breath, legs tired and even feel some pains on my side.  The CRAZY reality is that I know my body is conditioned enough that I really should be breezing through the runs! Then what’s my problem?!??!  The problem is ME!

The reason why I LOVE challenging myself is because it’s a way for me to discover areas in my life, personality and faith that I am STRONG but also where I am weak and need to grow.  I strongly believe God placed my love for challenges in my heart to help guide me to the path of  fulfilling the purpose HE has for my life.  The problem with that is that I sometimes don’t SEE the path when it’s not right in front of me.  I need to EXPAND my vision.  You see, VISION is not only being able to see what’s directly in front of you with your eyes but also the ability to see with your mind and heart.

The problem I was having with my training sessions had more to do with my lack of vision than my fitness level.  I hadn’t taken the time to VISUALIZE myself succeeding with training & completing the 5K.  I simply believed I would be successful with the challenge. However I learned to just believe in it was not going to be enough for me this time.  It was just as important to visualize myself throughout the entire process.  So I started visualizing myself having training sessions feeling energized, confident and strong. I now visualize my muscles strengthening and my endurance increasing.  Since I started visualizing my training has become a more pleasurable experience.

Moving ahead, I’m going to continue to incorporate visualization techniques when setting up new goals and challenges.  Visualization is a sound technique that can be used for achieving a variety of intentions in life like eating healthy, starting a business, buying a home, taking a vacation or learning a new language.   It’s a know fact that some elite athletes, entertainers and musicians practice visualization for success.   The mind is an EXTREMELY powerful tool and we should learn to use it to it’s fullest by filling it with VISIONS of success, accomplishment, love and peace several times a day!

What would YOU like to accomplish in 5 or 10 years?  GO Further TODAY by starting to  VISUALIZE those desires in to a REALITY!  : )


READY-SET- GO Further Today!


I’m SO EXCITED! I’ve done the research and decided to use the Run a 5K Training program to help me/us prepare for running the 5K in March.  This program is perfect for beginners! It’s geared for going from the “couch” to running a 5K in 6 weeks!  The 5K is scheduled for March 1st and is exactly 6 weeks away so training starts TODAY – Monday,  January 13th.  

If you are new to an active lifestyle (meaning you DON”T walk or workout 3-5 days a week), it’s recommended to REST on the cross-training days for the first 4 weeks and then add the cross-training workouts to the schedule for week 5.  If you are already live an active lifestyle, then go ahead and follow the schedule as it appears.  Some examples of cross-training include swimming, pilates/yoga, strength training and/or elliptial training.

Here’s the link to the RUNNING program:  5K Running Training Schedule

I’m also including the link to the RUN/WALK program: 5K Run-Walk-Training Schedule

I’ll be following the RUNNING schedule.  I suggest you take a look at both programs and determine which works best for YOU.  Additionally, there are some really awesome FREE Apps you can download to your smartphone to help guide, encourage and keep you on track for preparing for the 5K.  Here are a few of the Apps to check out:

  • MapMyRun
  • RunKeeper
  • C25K
  • 5K Runner
  • Runtastic


Remember, while having enthusiasm for setting and achieving goals is FUN & EXCITING…it’s also EXTREMELY important to be smart and safe about your PROCESS! What I am trying to say is be REALISTIC during this journey and know your limitations.  Remember to spend at least 10-15 minutes properly stretching and warming up your body and muscles before and cooling down after your activities.  This will help to avoid injuries which could seriously delay your training.


  • Write down your goals
  • Wear the right shoes
  • Have a plan to deal with the “TOUGH” days
  • Train with others (family, friends, coworkers)
  • Keep a diary/log or use an App to track your training
  • Decide on how you will REWARD yourself for completing your goals – Try to stick to non-food rewards ; )  

Eating a healthy balanced diet will definitely help with your training! So start hitting those fruits, veggies and NO skipping meals and LOTS of water : )

Let me know if you have any questions, suggestion or wanna share!

READY-SET-GO Further Today!