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AND there ya have it! The Dr. Oz 3 Day DETOX is over and done with my friends.  Yesterday  was the last day of the detox. Day 2 & Day 3 were pretty much the same as Day 1 to be honest MINUS all the church function temptations/goodies! LOL  Similar to the first day,  the last two days I experienced a little more fatigued than usual at the end of the evening. I’m sure the lack of protein in the Dr. Oz detox was a major contributor to my lack of energy.  However, I sure did intake a SUPER DOSE of clean, healthy, nutrient rich fruits and vegetables for 3 solid straight days.

Please NOTE: For the sake of ensuring the best possible results, I followed everything for the detox down to the tee.  I didn’t cheat or slip a snack in here or there.  I had green tea/lemon in the morning, 4 shakes a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack), vitamins &  supplements, and the epsom salt detox bath nightly! : )


Which brings me to one of my HIGHLIGHTS of the detox – the nightly epsom salt detox bath with lavender oil drops.  Yes ladies, it was AMAZINGLY RELAXING and overall soothing for the entire body and mind.  Epson salt bath can be used as a form of detox which pulls out toxins through the skin by the process of osmosis.  I soaked in the bath for about 15mins at the end of each night and emerged feeling refreshed and ready to SLEEP the night away! LOL I slept really well each night and woke up feeling rested and rejuvenated.  Whether you give the Dr. Oz detox a chance or not, definitely  consider the epson salt detox bath from time to time as a in-home/low cost spa experience.

No negative side effects or experiences with this detox to report for me.  The shakes were tasty and kept me feeling full.  Although, it was a PAIN in the REAR to continuously keep cleaning the blender over and over and over and over! I suggest to immediately wash/clean your blender and shake glasses immediately after each use.  It’s just easier to keep them clean and ready for the next round.  Another thing I experienced was having to urinate more than often. I normally DON’T get up and use the bathroom during the night but I DID every night of the detox.  Once again, it was not a big deal or a negative for me.  It’s just part of the detox process.  How else did you expect the toxins to be released?! ; )

DETOX Lunch Blend

My favorite shake was a tie between the dinner and the breakfast! And YES – I plan to continue with the shakes from time to time.  I lost 4 lbs. during the detox.  Quick reminder, losing weight was not MY intention for doing the detox.  It was to eliminate -CHECK! ..RESTORE-CHECK!…and RESET – CHECK! my body.  So I feel accomplished in all respects.  I really enjoy challenging my mind and body in hopes of helping and inspiring others to learn and reach their wellness and balance goals.  Be advised: Everyone is different so if you are interested in a detox program, please do your research to ensure it is the right one for you! If you’d like some suggestions, feel free to contact me anytime! Making MOVEMENTS towards a healthier, happier and balanced life daily is a choice –  GO FURTHER TODAY!

Dr. Oz DETOX – Day 1


Day 1 of the the Dr. Oz 3 Day DETOX is in the books! Just two days left of liquid goodness for my body. One of the main reasons I decided to do the detox was because I really get A LOT of questions about what exactly is a DETOX and which is the best kind. So I felt doing a detox myself  would be a great way to share some information and my experience along the way.  Let’s start with a few basics regarding a detox.


A DETOX is simply the process of removing toxins from the body.  A DETOX can help the body cleanse through:

  • Resting the organs through fasting
  • Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body
  • Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin
  • Improving circulation of the blood
  • Refueling the body with healthy nutrients


A DETOX  can help us eliminate some of the pollution found in the air, water and food we eat. Sometimes our diets contain too much animal protein, saturated and trans fats,  caffeine and alcohol which radically alters our internal ecosystem.

I chose the Dr. Oz 3 day DETOX because it was short term, easy to follow and it still allowed me to take in about 1400cal/day.  Also I had about half of the items from the grocery list already in house! LOL  I prepped everything for Day 1 Saturday night and was ready to get my DETOX on bright and early Sunday morning ; P



Overall it was a good day! The breakfast shake was quick and easy to make.   I thought the shake was actually filling and pretty tasty.  I took the required vitamins after and was on my way to church for a meeting, to teach and attend service.  On the way I was honestly thinking to myself, “this is going to be easy, I can do this, 3-4 shakes a day – NO PROBLEM.”  Then I encountered the first challenge for the day!  At the meeting, a spread of homemade double layered chocolate cake ,fresh fruit and assorted coffees & hot chocolate was filling all my senses at once.. LOL   So I armored myself up by keeping busy chatting with others and drinking plenty of water.  It WORKED temporarily.  Shortly after the meeting,  our religious education program celebrated the Feast of Christ the King with all kinds of snacks , goodies and games for the kiddos.  All the popcorn and cheesy nachos you can EAT.  Once again, I tried the “keeping myself busy” method in order to avoid temptation.  It was tough but I knew it was only my mind playing tricks on me.  The truth of the matter is I  knew I really WAS NOT hungry! The breakfast shake and water I was drinking was beyond filling and satisfying.  I was battling the psychological challenge we often do of fighting off the alluring aromas and enticing visuals of food we crave and desire.  

DETOX items

The rest of the day went pretty good.  Both the Lunch and Dinner shakes were flavorful and kept me feeling full.  I continued my habit of drinking 3 Liters of water throughout the day.  I really didn’t feel any negative side effects other than feeling a little fatigued by the end of the night.  I did lose a pound and a half and noticed a little less bloating around my stomach.  I’m committed to the process and looking forward to seeing this through to the end! I think I might have convinced my sister to try the detox next.  I appreciate all the suggestions submitted through Facebook! There were a lot of good options to consider.  Oh, one last thing, I didn’t workout on Day 1 because I normally don’t workout on Sundays.  I plan to do my normal workouts the rest of the DETOX and will continue to keep you’ll updated.  Remember let’s continue to make MOVEMENTS towards a healthier, happier and balanced life daily!